317 kilometres south east of Perth

Karlgarin has a population of less than 50 people and was first settled to support farming in the early 1920s.  It derives its name from the Aboriginal name of a nearby hill and means ‘place of fire’.  The town was first recorded by Surveyor General J S Roe in 1848 and was a soldier settlement site first gazetted in 1931.

Visitors enjoy the yesteryear style of the beautiful Catholic Church and can enjoy a coffee at Pamela Jays Xpressions. See a mosaic featuring the area’s flora and fauna. Scenic vistas can be seen at McCann, Buckley’s Breakaway and the Karlgarin Hills.


Karlgarin Country Club
Federal Street, Karlgarin WA 6358
Phone: (08) 9889 5013
Open: Thursday 5pm – 10pm



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