Wheatbelt Way

Wheatbelt WayThe Wheatbelt Way self drive trail, will lead visitors on an adventurous interpretive journey to the regional communities of Dowerin, Wyalkatchem, Koorda, Bencubbin, Beacon, Westonia, Mukinbudin, Nungarin and Trayning. Experience their natural attractions, history and heritage while offering unique opportunities to stay and experience friendly communities and open landscapes.

3-5 days or more
Distance: Approximately 900km-1,000km
Road Conditions: Sealed road with stretches of good unsealed road to rock and bushland features.
Wondering where to stay? There are excellent caravan parks available in most towns, Country Hotels, Bed & Breakfast’s or why not camp out under the stars at our free camping areas.

The Wheatbelt Way self-drive trail highlights 24 unique sites ranging from natural attractions to sites of historical importance. Enjoy the 12 FREE camp sites along the Wheatbelt Way. There will be many opportunities to stay and experience the best the Northern Wheatbelt has to offer.

Elachbutting RockThis journey offers a memorable contrast of open farmlands, large rocky outcrops, with a profusion of bird and animal life. Marvel at the fascinating ways water was collected in the area, from the natural and Aboriginal gnamma holes, the pastoralists and prospectors wells to the water harvested from granite rocks in more recent times.

Depending on seasonal conditions there are carpets of small pink and yellow everlastings and numerous flowering shrubs, hakea, grevillea, wattle and eremophila, senna, dampiera and verticordia. Native orchids can be found, in early spring at the damp base of the granite outcrops while later in the season red bottlebrush and kunzea grow between the cracks.

Bird lovers will also find numerous birds wherever there is water collected on the granite rocks. Some of the rocks are massive with waves, caves and a tunnel. Views from the top are always breathtaking.

Mangowine HomesteadA variety of museums include, army, hospital, early farm machinery, the first CBH bulk handling wheatbin and a pioneer town house. Memorabilia abounds, artworks, murals, sculptures, art deco buildings and a historical retro drive-in cinema, its one big collection of curiosities. Look to the dark night skies for a boundless canopy of jewelled stars.

Wondering where to stay?
There are excellent caravan parks available in most towns with cabin accommodation or camp under the stars at free camping sites with toilets, BBQs and picnic tables. For more personalised service try a country pub or any of the B & B’s available (bookings advised)

To ensure you enjoy a safe and well-planned journey, carefully look into the estimated travel times and distances, this is just a guide to get you started!

Enjoy the unique charm of the Wheatbelt Way where you can experience good old-fashioned hospitality while exploring at your own leisure.

For more information visit www.wheatbeltway.com.au



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